My wife and I are ready to part with our Phil & Teds stroller.  It’s served us and our 4 children so well. We purchased it new several years back. Its a double in-line stroller. I believe it is the Explorer model.

The stroller is great for everyday use, running, and travel.  It easily folds up compactly and then unfolds smoothly as well.

I’m motivated to sell as we are about to move back overseas and don’t plan to take it with us again.  We have both sun visors, mud tire guards (we don’t use these), extra tires and tubes, and I’d love to meet for you to see this amazing stroller.  Call, text, or email.  502-599-3331

The original foam on the handlebar has worn off quite a bit so I’ve wrapped it in athletic tape.  Thats really about the only issue other than normal cosmetic wear.  Thanks so much.