8 Volumes of Sermons by Martin Luther; Edited and Translated (into English) by Nicholas Lenker; Published by Baker Book House.

Lenker writes in the introduction, “The Church Postil, which Luther himself considered ‘The best of all his books,’ was called forth by the exigency and need of the Church at the time. The majority of the preachers in those days were incapable of working out their own sermons, and were satisfied in reading the Epistle and Gospel lessons… Luther concluded he would himself write an explanation of the pericopes of the Church year and place the same in the hands of the preachers for their use.”

These books are in excellent condition. This is no recognizable wear on the outside or inside of the books. I have not marked any of the pages. In fact, I have only read the first volume.

If interested, email me rsikes143@students.sbts.edu